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Prosecute Politicians who violate public trust and laws!

Repeal Obama Care and get Government out of Healthcare.

Fiscal Accountability, all Tax Dollars spent on U.S. citizens and U.S. citizen interests!

Build the Wall protect the borders, patrol the borders and enforce Laws. 

   We must enforce the laws and secure the borders.  All law enforcement agencies should detain all law breakers.  We must stop illegal immigration and all the tax dollars supporting illegal immigrants and their children.  We are Broke and can't afford to take care of our own U.S. citizens.  1970's 1 billion debt now 20 trillion in debt and millions going to illegals immigrants. This is shameful we put illegal immigrants before our own homeless Citizens.   

   As a Christian I want to help all people but our Government is responsible to U.S. Citizens first and foremost.  We have to stop illegal immigration and fine businesses who hire illegal immigrants.  If they continue to violate law then we must put them out of business.   

   Politicians and Judges and Law enforcement officials who support Sanctuary of people who broke and disrespected U.S.A. laws should be removed from office and maybe criminal charges too.   They should be responsible to pay back all tax dollars wasted for such ventures.  We can not have Law breakers protected in our society it is not safe for our citizens. 

   In Texas we must expand our abundant Natural Gas deposits and Wind power and Solar. We have vast amounts of space for these energies. We need to continue expanding opportunities.

   No Eminent Domain or Property Tax.   I believe a U.S. citizen should be able to own land with out losing it for any reason other than that person selling their land. If we spend our money with in the country responsible we do not need to pay Property Tax on Land you Homestead!

No more Toll roads. We must stop the money grabs.  

   All money borrowed from any funds such as social security for the last 50 years needs to be put back in the funds instead of telling the people its running out of money.  

   We need better over site of our money.  No more $10k toilets and $400 hammers. Use less Government programs.  If used correctly we have the money for infrastructure and all programs. 

   So many other issues that need to be corrected to support U.S. Citizens not others when our own need help. 





We need to fire all Politicians. They have all failed miserably. We have gone from 1 billion debt to 20 trillion debt.  They have all failed for the last 45 years.  

Health Care

We must get rid of Obama Care.  9 Years and no plan from Politicians. The Government does not run the V.A. healthcare good enough to trust they could run the rest of the countries healthcare.  All elected officials should be required to use this system and then our Vets would be taken care of.  We need a free market like when I was a kid and everyone could afford to go to the doctor with out insurance companies.  


We must expand our Texas wind and solar power. We have vast resources of Natural gas that needs to be used not burned off of wells. We want to bring new business into Texas but not at the expense of the tax payer.   


   We must stop ILLEGAL immigration.  We must build the wall. We can not support our own citizens with many being homeless and hungry.  We are broke as a country and can not keep supporting law breakers who disrespected our country and our Laws.  Our own Government instead of enforcing laws started giving them our tax dollars and now those programs have exploded.  Free medical for the babies, Food stamps, housing, baby supplies, electricity and water. Things we work hard for our own families to have we are giving them for free.  I love all people but our Government is responsible to the Tax paying U.S. citizens.

Come here legally pay the money and be loved in our country. Become a citizen and help America be greater than it already is. 


Believing in the Christian faith I believe in life first.  I believe if we educate our children and teach them how precious life is and to have a child is a gift from God then most abortion will go away over time with out Government telling us what to do.   

Special interests Groups

I am not bought for by any special interests.  I am strictly here to help Texas and our Country. This is for all of you in Texas and the U.S.A. I'm willing to work hard day and night to make our country better for the my nieces and all the young kids and the future Generations. 

Prison Reform

   We need to make Prisoners responsible for their debt just like if they had to pay for college.  They can work in prison on infra-structure and cleaning roads etc. to work off the debt while in Prison.  No more college degrees or anything while in prison unless they are paying for the debt.  

  This will deter future criminals because you can not escape your responsibilities to our society.  Who would want to be locked up if made to work hard each day and then back to the cell instead of dinner and a game or movie etc. 

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