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Effective Immediately, I am ending my campaign due to my fathers sudden health and short term Prognosis.  Thank You to the Tens of Thousands who signed our Petition. 




It is Official we have started our signature drive.  We need volunteers in your city. Sign up now to help support the People of Texas not the special interests.  We are collecting at Dock Floats at 5115 Hudson Bend RD and Paradise Cove Marina. We also are at Texas Paint Ball off hwy 1431 Jonestown. It's all GOOD BBQ in Spicewood, Texas off 71. We are also collecting at Highland Lakes Marina by Volente beach see Nan or Mike. 

IF you VOTED in the PRIMARY you are not eligible to sign our petition. I need Volunteers to collect signatures. Anyone who can help please contact me. Thank You!

If you are tired of corrupt politicians and are ready for a hard working man working for you who will work for you instead of the corporations then contact us and we will send you a signature kit to help us get on the ballot.  


   My name is Carl Bible. I need your Help TEXAS! I am asking for your Signature of support to get on the Ballot.  I run a small business helping people clean up any old metal items for free.  It takes a lot of hard work and being efficient minded to make a living providing a free service for the people.  

It is time to send GOD fearing people to Washington D.C. who do not accept CORPORATE Money. I will not accept any Donations from anything other than individuals or very small businesses. 

I am tired of seeing the Constitution violated everyday by Politicians. .

Help send the first Independent from Texas to the U.S. Senate to get rid of the corruption in Washington D.C.

 We have to stop corruption in Government. 

Stop politicians from receiving outside funds that could influence their decision when voting on the best interests of all people. Big side money from companies and lobby groups, special interests groups all need to be eliminated. 

Politicians should only receive their paychecks and not be allowed to invest or receive outside payments while in office and for a period of 5 years after leaving office they should not receive money that can be traced back to a decision they made while in office. Time to restore Accountability, Integrity and honesty and get our servants working for the people not special groups who have the most money. 

The process of passing a bill should be one subject one bill. No attachments or riders should be allowed this caters to special interests groups and delays the bill getting done. Most of these more times than not do not have anything to do with the bill up for discussion. 

Prosecute and remove elected officials who violate the Oaths of office therefore violating Federal Law. They should be immediately removed from office. If they support protecting people who disrespect our country and our laws and invade our country illegally. 

Secure the border and have Zero tolerance for violators of our immigration laws. We arrest U.S. citizens. Why would we not arrest and deport people who violate our laws. All law enforcement should be responsible in their area for law breakers. Crime is going up in all these Gun free zones and Sanctuary cities and California. 

If you come here illegally and have a baby, you and your baby should be deported and no citizenship given to your baby. We must not reward illegal activity by giving citizenship and handouts to take care and raise the child in this country. This is not right for the Government to spend tax dollars in this way. It is not the General Welfare of the country to do this. Violation of the Constitution. You work hard to take care of your family to give them the American Dream and they get a free ride of your hard work and this is wrong. 

Enforce the constitution and make Government stay with in the limits of the constitution. This is Governments number one job to protect the constitution and our rights. We do not want Government in local issues. Tax dollars can only be spent on National Defense and the General Welfare of the country. I do not think spending billions on illegal immigrants in direct violation is acceptable. We have estimated 50,000 homeless U.S. citizens and 14 million hungry U.S. citizen children everyday. We must take care of our own instead of using borrowed money to take care of illegal immigrants. 

School safety is each of the tax payers in the school districts responsibility since we are the ones voting and approving the school bonds which build and renovate our schools. The days of taking your gun to school on the gun rack of your truck is gone. Times have changed and we must adapt to take care of the kids. Go to your local school board meeting and tell them no more school bonds until they have the need security in the package. Allow teachers to be trained if they want to for an added layer of security along with security measures and personnel. 

We must restore morals and family values and allow God in our society. Freedom of religion does not give people the right to have separate laws with in our country. Government does not have the right to take Christianity out of schools and teach Islam in our schools.  

Teaching our kids values starts at home and should continue at school and education should be between the parents and the local schools. Love and kindness and respect gets rid of EVIL. There must be consequences when they misbehave, such that deter future events. 

Mandate to repay Social Security 4 trillion plus interests it is said they have borrowed from the fund.  Our money. 

Federal mandate that no state can charge property tax or any tax on your homestead that would put your home stead at risk. U.S. citizens should be able to own their land out right with our fear of losing it no matter if we hit bad times. 

No eminent domain for the same reason we should not lose our homestead. 

Not a fan of toll roads either. 

I believe in life unless mother is at risk medically which is determined by the doctor not the state or Federal Government at that point. 

Out law gun free cities. End Sanctuary cities and States. 

Show strength and never back down to the world but always look for peace first. 

Repeal Obama care and restore the free enterprise of old when medical was affordable. Government should only make sure no one is taking advantage of people. 

I believe ending the IRS and a flat tax being fair to all. If you make money you pay more only because you make more but it is still the same percentage of your income so this is ultimately fair. 

We need to revamp Prison system and make the offenders responsible for their debt for the incarceration so no one escapes responsibility for your actions. Work programs working on infrastructure or other things to work of some of debt while in prison so less to pay after getting out. 

I will submit bills to try and force these things and we will draw out all who are corrupt. 

  U.S. Citizens vote should never not be counted unless you are a criminal.  In Texas your Vote was denied if your I.D. did not match the Voters office address on file for you.  You were denied your vote if you had been registered but never Voted for 30 years.  I have only found people who tried to Vote for TRUMP that had letters denying their votes. It seems the counties of Texas were denying many TRUMP votes in 2016.  This probably goes on Nation wide. 

  Congress (our board of directors) has failed miserably in my life time.  We have gone from about 300 billion debt in the early 1970's  to 20 Trillion in debt.  This can not be sustained. 

  It is time to expand Wind and Solar and Natural Gas in Texas and take back our jobs lost to illegal immigration and start teaching our kids Job skills again. 





Tuesday, April 24, 2018 8:31 AM

Signature Drive

Come on out to Paradise Cove Marina, Highland Lakes Marina and Dock Floats on Lake Travis.  See Ryan at West Beach Marina.  It's all good BBQ in Spicewood, Texas.  Cade at Lakeshore Marine.  Come out to TEXAS Paint Ball and sign our Petition and have some fun while you are there.   

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 2:17 PM

Signature drive has officially started.

You can sign our signature petition at Dock Floats 5115 Hudson bend road or  Paradise Cove Marina on Rocky ridge road on Lake Travis and Highland Lakes Marina by Volente beach. You can also go to Texas paint ball or Metco storage on Hatch road in Cedar park.  

Saturday, January 20, 2018 12:25 PM


Thank you to those who have contacted me.  I am preparing the signature petition to get the required 47,183 signatures.  I look forward to working with each of you and we need many more volunteers talk to your friends. Together we can make a difference. 


Thursday, December 14, 2017 6:01 PM

Filed paper work on Dec 8,2017

It is official, I am trying to get on the ballot for U.S. senate. 

I will need everyone's help next spring when allowed by the rules to gather the needed signatures. I need every one to donate even a small amount to help with the Campaign. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017 6:32 PM

Our prayers are with all those affected.

Keep our brothers and sisters in your prayers from Sutherland Springs, Texas.  What a terrible thing all this evil in our country.  Send your prayers and support to the families affected.  

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