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Born in Texas

Son of a world WWII Marine (1st Marine Division 1943-45) and a Registered Nurse.

  They taught me to be self sufficient and respect of others.  They taught me accountability and responsibility.  They taught me to help others.  I am a Christian in my beliefs. I believe we if you treat others the way you want to be treated then the world would be a loving friendly place to live. 

  I grew up learning about custom home building and all things involved. By the age of 5 could take my John boat out fishing knowing how to fix most problems that might come up. Caught fish as big as I was.  My dad taught me about hunting and Gun safety, killed my first deer by the age of 5.  By the age of 15 I started helping building a Marina and learning the Restaurant business, the Marina business and General store business.  We also built and designed custom Boat docks and did custom Boat restoration. 

  I worked a few years in the Hospital field in environmental services.  Then went on to get an Associates Degree in Electronics and went to work for SBC/AT&T  retired in 2008 and started my own business helping others.  I run a free service hauling off all kinds of metal and help the hungry thru the business and single mothers when I can.  I am a rancher taking care of a small herd and also splitting duties taking care of my 94 year old dad cleaning, showering and changing him.

  I am single at this point in my life and work 6.5 days a week and I am ready to put that work ethic to work for Texas and the U.S.A.



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