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Signature Petition coming as soon as rules allow.  Either, day after Primary or run off if there is a Run off.  Do not Vote in the Primary or Run off for the U.S. Senate so you will be eligible to sign our petition.  We need volunteers in your city. Sign up now to help support the People of Texas not the special interests. 


   My name is Carl Bible. I need your Help TEXAS! I am asking for your Donation.       Thank You. I am tired of seeing the Constitution violated everyday by Politicians. 

 I will need your signature when the two party system allow me as an independent to collect signatures. I am not allowed until after the Primary and or runoff for the Rep/Dem and if you vote in those you are not eligible to sign my Petition.

Help send the first Independent from Texas to the U.S. senate to kick some back side and get out the corruption in Washington D.C.

 I need Volunteers to collect signatures. Anyone who can help please contact me. Thank You.

   It's time for change. Time for U.S. citizens to stand up and get rid of Politicians who seem to get nothing done and waste lots of Money. 

Let's continue the Revolution and Replace Politicians in our State! Our President needs HELP!

Abolish Property tax on our homestead. No Toll roads, No eminent Domain 

We need your help Texas.  Just $1 from every Texan can help us defeat the Political machine. Let's do this together TEXAS and AMERICA! 

Our Government has no business talking about helping illegal immigrants when there are over 50,000 homeless U.S. citizens and over 14 million hungry U.S. citizen children hungry in this country. This is unacceptable. 

  U.S. Citizens vote should never not be counted unless you are a criminal.  In Texas your Vote was denied if your I.D. did not match the Voters office address on file for you.  You were denied your vote if you had been registered but never Voted for 30 years.  I have only found people who tried to Vote for TRUMP that had letters denying their votes. It seems the counties of Texas were denying many TRUMP votes in 2016.  This probably goes on Nation wide. 

  I am not a Democrat or a Republican.  I am an United States Citizen and I believe in America first. I am an American.  Trying to get on the ballot as an independent. 

  We must get back to teaching our children to treat others as they want to be treated. Teaching them responsibility and accountability and respect of others and helping those U.S. citizens that are less fortunate than you are. Following our U.S. Laws and respecting our officers. We must put back learning Job skills and life skills at school. Shop classes and other classes.  We can not teach Islam in our schools while taking God and Christianity out of schools. This would get rid of so many of society's problems. They need to be learning skills doing jobs growing up instead of being on the electronic device all day. There are 15 year old boys who have never used a hammer or any tools. We put kids in Automobiles with very little knowledge of the vehicle. The most dangerous thing our children or we can be around with almost no knowledge of how it works. Like playing with a loaded gun not knowing it can kill you is the same thing. Automobiles kill more people than anything. 

  It is time to Fire all Politicians and put business minded U.S. citizens that know how to run a budget and understand we must make a profit to be strong as a country like we did following WWII.  My dad and all the heroes deserve better, we all deserve better from our elected officials. 

  Congress (our board of directors) has failed miserably in my life time.  We have gone from 1 billion debt in the early 1970's  to 20 Trillion in debt.  This can not be sustained. 

  Politicians have proven they have no business being in charge of the money in the 45 years I have been old enough to know what is going on they have driven us into the ground financially. 

  It is time to prosecute Politicians that violate public trust

  It is time all U.S. citizens tax dollars are spent on U.S.A. interests and its citizens. We have Homeless and Hungry U.S. citizens. Demand our Constitution stop being violated.

  It is time to Secure the Borders to make Texas and Our country safer. All Law enforcement agencies must detain law breakers especially if not legally in our country.

  There is no Sanctuary for people who disrespect our country and break our LAWSCitizen or not they must be removed from society to make our neighborhoods safer. Stop rewarding illegal activity by allowing babies born here to illegal parents to be citizens. The U.S. Tax paying citizen needs the money for their kids not food stamps for people who disrespected OUR LAWS.  

It is time to expand Wind and Solar and Natural Gas in Texas and take back our jobs lost to illegal immigration and start teaching our kids Job skills again. 

  We must focus on Education. We hear our kids are not educated enough to get the high tech jobs but we allow public school boards to spend millions on sporting venues instead of raises for teachers and better class rooms for our kids.  Football coaches are the highest paid teachers in many cases and this is wrong.  Many Schools have dozens of coaches making more than teachers this is wrong and hurts our children.  Focus should be on education not sports. 

  We need Prison Reform:  We Should make criminals responsible for their debt and they can work it off in Prison while serving building infrastructure in our country. They get Govt. loan assigned to them and then the burden is off the tax payer for the most part.  Seems logical if you can not escape responsibility of life then it is easier to follow laws and be a part of society. After a hard days work go to Cell Block or go home and hang out eat dinner watch a Game.   Seems the choice would be easy. 




Tuesday, February 6, 2018 2:17 PM

Signature Drive coming soon to many locations

When rules allow after primary or Runoff we will be set up at Paradise Cove Marina on Lake Travis and Highland Lakes Marina and other locations coming soon. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018 12:25 PM


Thank you to those who have contacted me.  I am preparing the signature petition to get the required 47,183 signatures.  I look forward to working with each of you and we need many more volunteers talk to your friends. Together we can make a difference. 


Thursday, December 14, 2017 6:01 PM

Filed paper work on Dec 8,2017

It is official, I am trying to get on the ballot for U.S. senate. 

I will need everyone's help next spring when allowed by the rules to gather the needed signatures. I need every one to donate even a small amount to help with the Campaign. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017 6:32 PM

Our prayers are with all those affected.

Keep our brothers and sisters in your prayers from Sutherland Springs, Texas.  What a terrible thing all this evil in our country.  Send your prayers and support to the families affected.  

Thursday, October 19, 2017 10:33 PM

We have kicked off the 2018 Senate campaign and need everyone to help. Get ready to Vote! Together we can make a difference!



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